We know that CrossFit can be intimidating for the new person, especially when all you’ve seen are the fittest people on the planet on ESPN in The CrossFit Games. That’s why we created LiteFit, it’s just like our CrossFit programming, but with less technical movements and lighter weight.


However don’t let the name fool you these workouts are still intense, and by no means easy! There will be a LiteFit WOD (workout of the day) posted right next to the CrossFit WOD every day giving you the flexibility of choice between the two. There are days when some members want to do two workouts in a day for example, or maybe have a time constraint that day, and LiteFit fits in perfectly.

All of our memberships are month to month with no contract!

Unlimited $140
Add a spouse or child for only $80 per person!

3 times per week $115

Students Unlimited $100